Monday, April 16, 2007

Jason David Ogier

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A New Zealand-raised man has been convicted in Australia for sadistic abuse of his three-year-old son, including deliberately burning the boy's finger with a lighter and pulling his nail out with pliers.

Jason David Ogier, 37, was yesterday jailed for two years and seven months for repeatedly assaulting the boy.

Magistrate Elizabeth Hamilton said the man, a father of nine, had little empathy for his children and the offences were part of an "ongoing and entrenched form of behaviour". Ogier, from the Perth suburb of Welshpool, was sentenced in the Narrogin Magistrates Court, southeast of Perth, where he and his family previously lived.

Ogier's wife, Belinda Ogier, 43, of Guilford, was given a six-month suspended sentence for neglecting her son, by failing to protect him from his father, warn the authorities or seek medical help for his injuries. "The seriousness of the offences is in the gross breach of trust," Mrs Hamilton said during sentencing.

Ogier pleaded guilty in February to three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, four of common assault and one of breach of protective bail conditions between October 2004 and December 2006. He had also admitted to stealing and possessing stolen property.

Ogier committed the worst offences in October 2004 while his wife was in hospital giving birth and he was entrusted with the care of their children. To discipline his son for not eating his dinner, Ogier rubbed chilli powder on his back, causing the skin to blister. He burned his son's hand with a cigarette lighter and when the finger became infected pulled the nail out with pliers, causing it to bleed. Ogier also kicked his son with steel-capped boots and slapped his head from side to side, asking his other children if they wanted to join his game of "tennis". When the three-year old had supposedly not finished his house chores, Ogier repeatedly beat him with a clenched fist, knocking him to the ground.

At no time did Ogier or his wife seek medical help for the boy.

Police prosecutor Sergeant David Murphy said Ogier had shown no remorse. "(They are) barbaric acts of cruelty perpetrated on his own child, a defenceless, three-year-old boy," Mr Murphy said.

Earlier, Mrs Hamilton had stood the matter down because the couple denied some charges against them in pre-sentence reports, although they later agreed with the police facts.
At the time of the offences, the Ogiers were on community orders for a 2005 assault on their 11-year-old son.


Anonymous said...

known him for many many years and this is not true at all !!!
jason is a very honest man , caring too .
learn before you heathens judge !!!
the law .......

Tom Doan said...

Get a brain you moron...The little guy was tortured by a monster...

Anonymous said...

Looks like our Tom is s registered sexuall offender on the named list
Look out for him and report to police !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a good friend of jasons for about 37 years
Went to school and still hang out now .,
He is a awesome man at home with family and in his loved community !! So peeps have a good look at his ex wife belinda marre Eldridge of young nsw that's her hiding place now
Living as belinda Eldridge ( cribb ) new partner is Liam cribb of young nsw too !!
Belinda has bipolar disorder , serious metal health issues plus is a frequent drug and alcohol abuser
Belinda is alway abusive and violent towards men and children .,,
So just have a great big hard look at her first public before you judge , our dearest friend Jason !!!!!!
The world and its men and women love you
Chin up keep smiling and caring and loving...
People outhere just have a look over your fence and in your own homes ..... Before u judge others

Love u Jason Xox Ur friends .

Anonymous said...

Good morning all
wa dcp
Have looked into mr Tom doan background and can confirm he is a convicted sexual preditor
Please be cautious around him and watch your children . Thank you for your time public
Regards. Mike

Anonymous said...

Go my mate we support you !!
The other comments about Tom don't wo it seems toms a bit of a sick o ..

As for the ex , well we know belinda unfortunately
What a total arshole , she was all everyone's problem
Enjoy your drug fucked life loser .
From all your mates here in young new South wales .