Saturday, April 21, 2007

Brandon Jaffe

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A 16-year-old boy Central Florida was sentenced to five years in adult prison Friday after he was caught on a hidden home video sexually molesting two boys while he baby-sat the pair.

Flagler County detectives said the father of 2- and 4-year-old boys set up a camera and videotaped baby sitter Brandon Jaffe forcing the children to perform sex acts. On Friday, Jaffe took responsibility for his actions before his sentencing.

"It was my decision to manipulate you into doing those sexual acts," Jaffe said in court. "What I've done is horrible, and I can only imagine the hurt I've caused you."

Jaffe was videotaped with a look of shock and disbelief after learning his sentence. The 16-year-old has been under house arrest in the victims' neighborhood for the last seven months. The judge said Jaffe's crimes were far too heinous for him to be sentenced as a juvenile offender.

"No parent should have to go through this, and no parent should have to explain sexual things to a 2- or 4-year-old," the victim's father said. "This should not happen."

Jaffe turned 16 years old on Friday.


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