Tuesday, April 17, 2007

David Wright

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A paramedic stole bank cards from a heart attack victim, withdrawing £500. David Wright, 50, rifled through the dead man’s wallet after answering a 999 call, a court heard. He found a piece of paper with a PIN code and three cards. He was caught on a bank’s CCTV still wearing his uniform as he withdrew £500.

He spent it on food, a £200 MP3 player for his wife and £160 for a school trip.

Victim David Denbow, 65, had collapsed dying in his back garden in Sandiacre, Derbys, last June. Cops treated the death as a suspected murder after the theft was uncovered.
It was “devastating” for Mr Denbow’s family — who had to re-identify the body, Derby Crown Court heard. But Wright was traced to his work in Stapleford, Notts.

Prosecutor Steven Gosnell said: “Anyone who attends on the scene as a paramedic is to be trusted by society. This was a gross breach of trust.” Wright, of Ilkeston, Derbys, admitted theft and also pleaded guilty to stealing £40 from another patient in January 2005. He has been fired by East Midlands Ambulance Service. Judge Abbas Mithani bailed Wright but warned a jail term was “likely” when he is sentenced next month.

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