Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New domain name

The domain name has been purchased. The new template is being created. Hosting will be found. (Actually, if you have any hosting suggestions, throw them in the comments section.)

I am wondering if people would like this site to be in the blog format, or more of a traditional website. Let me know what you'd prefer.


ptg said...

I'll vote for 'blog format'. Glad to see this project doing well; I'm going to need the connections in the after-life.

Anonymous said...

I like the blog as is. Do you take submissions for candidates?


Omaha Corrections Guy said...

Of course we take submissions.

Send it to seeyouinhellguy@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

My site is on 1and1.com. They seem decent enough, big company, but it's not like I need to have a direct line to the owner or anything as such.
I liked having our own site such that rules (designs language etc is determined by people who know the audience better), so keep us in the loop.
Just curious - what happened to the pysih domain?


I love your blog.I think you should either use Go Daddy or Just host to host your domain I have a blogsite http://samehoessameclothes.com and I use Just Host becuase it's cheap and realible

common sense said...

Your new site and blogs are totally biased and full of stupid dumbasses, dumbass! Complete hogwash and bullshit! Have a nice day! :-)