Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Victor Lesley Urquhart and Robbie Sebastian Wheeler

A fourteen-year-old boy was kidnapped and held for three weeks while the HIV-positive Urquhart and his gay lover repeatedly sexually molested the teen.

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Update: More information HERE in this story, courtesy of the West Australian.

A teenage kidnap victim — chained to a bed by his captors — initially refused food and drink in case they were drugged and only had some water when he was allowed a shower three days into what became a threeweek ordeal as a sex slave to two paedophiles. “I was not going to eat unless I was very hungry in case they drugged it. They are bad people and that is what bad people do,” the boy said as some of the shocking details of his story were revealed to a District Court jury yesterday.

The boy also described how one morning he got up, grabbed his bag and intended to try to go to school — but the two men blocked his path. “I gave them a bit of a snigger — a ‘you f . . . . . .bastard’ kind of look,” he said.

The boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was snatched off a busy Perth street in 2005 by 46-yearold Victor Lesley Urquhart and 43-year-old Robbie Sebastian Wheeler. It was 20 days before he was rescued by police.

After his rescue he spent many hours with detectives and slowly started to talk about how he was tortured, abused and sexually assaulted. The video recordings of those interviews have been played to the jury over the past two days. Wheeler has pleaded guilty to 21 charges and Urquhart to 13 charges covering kidnap, indecently dealing with the boy and sexually penetrating him — but they have gone to trial on a charge of conspiring together to wilfully murder the teenager.

The boy said he was wagging school and walking along a busy street when two men suddenly grabbed him and dragged him into their home. He said Urquhart used the name Wayne and Wheeler used the name Ryan during the 20 days he was held.

“They dragged me through the bedroom door and Ryan slammed me on the bed,” the boy said.
“Ryan was holding me down. Wayne was fumbling around in the drawers getting the cuffs out. Even on the smallest setting I could still slip my hands out of it. “They put them on my legs instead. He put one around my foot and the other end around one of the posts on the end of the bed. Wayne went to get some rope and he lifted my arm up and tied it up. He did the same with the other arm.

“I was complaining so bad he loosened it for me so I would not scream. It was the only nice thing he did in the time I was there.

“Wayne put a hanky in my mouth. Before I could spit it out I had gaffer tape slammed over my mouth and stuck down.” The boy added: “They left the room for about 15 minutes and came back in and put a gay porno on. They stabbed speed into their arms and smoked marijuana.
“Wayne sat next to me on the bed and started jerking off. The other one brought in a couple of drinks. He sat down on the other side of me and started jerking off. I just sat watching, pretty scared. I was just looking around the room trying to think if there was a way out of what I was in. “Every time I tried to go to sleep they gave me a slap across the face so I just stayed awake all night. They jabbed themselves with the needle about three more times that night. They watched porn all night.”

The boy said he could not remember everything that happened each day but the two men used sex toys and other objects when they lay on the bed with him. He recalled how he was forced to use some of the objects and how it hurt. “Ryan handed them to me and said, ‘Use these or I’ll f . . . . . . rearrange your face, you little turd’,” the boy said. “They were sitting and watching with an excited look on their face.”

The boy said that because the house had an outside toilet he was forced to use a bucket or a cordial bottle as his toilet. He was allowed to have a shower on about the third day and a bath about three days before “the end of my stay”.

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